Extrifit® is not for everybody. It is not superficial. Extrifit® is intended for athletes who love heavy iron and for persons who want to show the maximum physical performance. It is for everybody who wants to be hard on him/herself and demands the maximum results from his own body. Extrifit® is for everybody who well knows that without hard work and self-denial you can´t get results and achieve dreamed-of goals.

Extrifit® is today a numerous community of people who proudly claim allegiance to this brand´s philosophy and who make up an amazing subculture of bodybuilders.

Extrifit® is a synonym for the talents and sports aspiration support. Extrifit® will show you the way to realization of your dream.


Extrifit® Team is the top of our sponsoring programme. It is a community of sponsored elite athletes with excellent sports results. All of them are very talented and purposeful. We are very proud of the fact that the most of our team members have never been sponsored by any other company. We think it is unique that we managed during our cooperation help to Tomáš Kašpar, Vojtěch Koritenský, Slavoj Bednář and Tomáš Tabačiar to advance from amateur to professional bodybuilding and they so compete with absolute top bodybuilders. We reached similar success in extremely popular category bikini fitness when Sabina Pleváková advanced after her unbelievably amateur career to IFBB professionals. Her sports career is connected since its beginning only with our brand. Also world record holder in bench press, Vlastimil Kužel and Petr Petráš, world champion in powerlifting, member of elite club + 1100 kg RAW and one of the five strongest men of the planet are Extrifit® Team members. So strong and ambitious team is unique in the Czech Republic as well as its results! We believe it is evidence of Extrifit® products quality!


Our company is strongly connected with fitness sports and Extrifit® Club is one of the facts that show it. Extrifit® club is registered by the Czech fitness and bodybuilding federation that is IFBB member. It is focused on young bodybuilders and organizes seminars with top experts and Extrifit® Team members for them who can present their experience there. The best bodybuilders are supported by products of our company. This our activity is very successful, we gained 11 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze medals on national championships of various age categories this year. WE ARE ON THE FIRST PLACE iN THE CZECH BODYBUILDING CLUBS RANKING IN YOUTH+JUNIOR CATEGORY and in overal ranking we are the second!


The list of contests supported by our company is very long. We were nearly on all contests. Athletes as on the Czech national championship as on international contests as f.e. Olympia amateur in Prague can get prices sponsored by our company. This contest was important for many bodybuilders because their professional career began just here.


Youth support is very important for us. The unique project REWARD FOR RESULT is the most important our activity on this field. The main idea of this project is returning 100%! of money paid for Extrifit® products to all successful athletes. So if young athletes have good results on contest the Extrifit® products that they used are free for them. This project is very popular and we are sure that the Czech top youth bodybuilders use our products.


Extrifit® prides on extraordinary fans support. We realize it very well. Therefore we regularly organize meetings with our fans called Extrifit® Training Days. Our fans so can meet each other, have a talk, take a photograph and also train with the top bodybuilders and bikini fitness competitors. Extrifit® organizes on its fan page on Facebook entertaining actions and creativity of our fans is every times amazing for us. We experience great moments every times on our sales and exhibition actions during important contests as f.e. Olympia Amateur or EVL´s Prague. Our stand is visited by many fans and it is great feedback giving us a new energy for our work. All of these is very important for image of our brand. Extrifit®´s image you create yourselves!


While the 2017 year was premiere on the world expo FIBO for us, we pushed our performance here in 2018 year a few levels up. Our promo stage amazed even the most demanding visitors of FIBO 2018. We caught an attention of visitors not only by fresh exposition and design of our products but also by exceptionally wide and complex range of our products that is able to meet demands as well as fitness exercisers as professional athletes. Visitors appreciated a great taste of our fitness meals, their easy preparation and balanced composition that is suitable as well as for enthusiasts for fitness lifestyle as for taker for health nutrition. Preparation of pancakes, protein snacks, rice mashes and puddings was going on in front of visitors and Extrifit® really captivated! Visitors had opportunity to meet professional bodybuilders and bikini fitness competitors, take a photo and talk with them. Beautiful Extrifit girls showed them around exhibition. We are looking forward meeting you on FIBO 2019!

Extrifit® is the general partner of the Czech Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation

Extrifit® Company became the general partner of the Czech Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation in the year 2017. Extrifit® has been significantly supporting competitive bodybuilding with many its activities since its very beginning and these activities are every year broader and broader. The link of Extrifit® brand to Bodybuilding Federation is a logical outcome of the way to the bodybuilding and fitness support on the widest scale of activities in the whole Czech Republic. This partnership is an important appreciation for our work and a big undertaking for us at the same time. We will with pleasure also in the future support our sport and help to the competitors on the way to their sports goals achievement.