Pavel Koukal

Name: Pavel Koukal
Date of birth: 5.6.1992
When are You training since: I began at secondary military school. I exercised only chest + biceps and chest + back on Mondays and Wednesdays for the first three years without any special regime. I only began to keep fitness diet, split my training and do it for all muscle groups in the half of the last school year.
Why did You begin to train: Obesity and desire to have „six-pack“. Before I began to do bodybuilding, I did team sports. We liked to celebrate, as well as victory as defeat. So we had „party life” with time and we more celebrated than trained. I knew nothing about nutrition, so I became obese in my 18-19 years. Three people separately told me during one week in November (two my friends and my mum) that I am plump, and I decided to have “six-pack” till the summer at that time. I lost 20 kg, I had “six-pack” till summer and I began to do bodybuilding.
Favourite exercise: always leg press, also front squats during last year
Top 5 supplements: Long 80 Multiprotein, Protein Break a Rice - Oat Mash, Actinox, AminoFree & Peptides, Hellgel
Top sports results:
3rd place on EVLS Prague 2016, category men up to 80 kg
3rd place + 2nd place in superfinals of all categories on competition The Belt and Road 2018 in China, category men over 85 kg
1st place + absolute winner on competition the Fitness Mania Classic 3 2018, category men over 90 kg
IFBB ELITE PRO professional competitions:
1st place on IFBB Elite Pro Nafplio Classic 2019, category bodybuilding open
3rd place on IFBB Nocco Nordic Pro 2019, category bodybuilding open

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