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This is the product that you have been waiting long for! It is absolutely perfect meal with 25 g of whey protein in every packet and with all nutritional substances for muscle growth! The taste experience will really amaze you! It is really excellent…


Detailed information


about product detailed information nutritional value

No cooking - only cold-cooking!! 1-2 minutes preparation!

  • 25 g of protein exclusively from whey WPC 80!
  • More than 5000 mg of BCAA in every packet!
  • Protein balls from whey 90% isolate and 100% rice
  • 46 – 50 g of the most quality complex polysaccharides in every packet
  • Dose 90 g – that is pretty big meal - big breakfast or snack
  • Complex polysaccharides in this ratio: 75% of rice + 20% of oat flakes + 5% of wheat flakes
  • 1-2 minutes preparation! The excellent taste and appearance!
  • No cooking, only preparation with cold water (for better taste try to use skim acidophilic milk or skim milk)
  • Insignificant amount of sugar and fat
  • 100% lyofilized fruits – really big pieces of mango, strawberries, pineapple and even the whole blueberries
  • The excellent 100% pure coconut and curls from high quality chocolate almost without any sugar, the massive amount of pure low-fat cocoa in chocolate flavor.

Extrifit® brings you the absolutely new product line! It is about special products intended for perfectly delicious and nutritionally valuable foods´preparation designed even for the most demanding athletes!

The fully-fledged high-protein meal (25 g of protein in only one dose) PROTEIN BREAK! is designed for preparation of ideal breakfast or snack with complex nutritional composition and optimum nutrient content.

This product is absolutely unique in sports and functional nutrition! The combination of whey protein 80% concentrate, oat flakes and rice guarantees fully-fledged meal with ideal content of the best digestible protein and carbs! These basic ingredients are moreover enriched with inulin from chicory root.

Have you been longing for the product that you could have everywhere with you and you could prepare the tasty meal from it in a moment? PROTEIN BREAK! is the right for you. Every dose contains fully 25 g of whey protein and more than 5000 mg of BCAA!

Advantages of disposable packets:

  • You can change the flavors
  • You need not to spend money for big and expensive containers
  • Excellent for travelling – you only throw some packets with various flavors into your bag
  • You can buy only so many packets as you need and literally only for a few crowns
  • No flavor can pall on you.
  • You only pour the packet into the water and stir. It is ready and you can eat.

Preparation of Protein Break is very easy and practical: only pour water, milk or acidophilic milk into the container, pour content of the packet, stir it with a fork and pleasant pudding mass that can well fill you up is ready. You will be surprised with look of the mash. Big pieces of lyofilized fruits, rice flakes, crunchy balls for whey protein 90% isolate, oat and wheat puffs… No for nothing is said that you eat also with your eyes. Powdered as well as ready mash looks beautifully.

Exceptionality of this product lies also in the fact that its taste as well as its nutritional values is excellent. You know it – either such a product has excellent nutritional values but its taste is bad or its taste is great but it contains many unwanted additives that make nutritional values worse. The great taste is coupled with excellent nutritional properties in our product! We used ingredients in their most natural form and no useless additives! The fruit flavors of the product – blueberry, strawberry and mango – have great fruit taste thanks to large amount of lyofylized fruits (vacuum sealed frozen fruits with all vitamins, natural taste and colour preservation). Chocolate flavor contains pieces of pure quality chocolate and coconut flavor the pure natural shredded coconut.


The rice is besides oat, wheat and rye the most important cereal. It contains small amount of protein (but with very quality amino acid spectrum) and it is mainly a source of complex carbs that is very popular in sports and in bodybuilding. It has excellent digestibility, it does not contain any fat and gluten and it is said that it has positive effect on various digestive problems and intestinal diseases thanks to its slime effect.


Oat, the most often in the form of oat flakes, is already conventional ingredient in functional and sports nutrition for its excellent nutritional characteristic. It has the highest content of protein between all cereals, it is source of quality polysaccharides and it has also high content of fibre, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is recommended against fatigue and tiredness thanks to high content of B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium and other valued substances supporting recovery. It also supports nervous system functioning.


Inulin (fibre) is used by some plants as a means of storing energy. It is the most often made from chicory root and is used in the form of white power. It is indigestible oligosaccharide so it contains no energy. It goes to the large intestine where it becomes to be nutrients ‘ source for intestinal bacterial microflora that is very important not only for the right intestinal function. Inulin is recently very trendy in nutrition and is often added to functional foods.

You need already not to think the new special protein foods up, worry about cooking and loose time with complicated preparation of nutritionally balanced meals. Now is Protein Break in many flavors available. Its taste is balanced as well as its nutritional properties. You only pour the packet into the bowl, mix it and it is ready, you can eat it immediately. Every packet contains exact dose of protein (25 g) and complex carbs (50 g).

We recommend consuming PROTEIN BREAK! once daily as a breakfast or snack.


Dilute content of packet in 200 ml of water or skim milk and mix. For immediate consumption.

Mix content of 1 scoop with 80 ml / 2 scoops with 160 ml / 3 scoops with 240 ml water or skim milk. For immediate consumption – do not store the ready product.


90 g, 900 g


ground rice, instant whey 80% protein concentrate, oat flakes, non-fat cocoa (for chocolate flavor), grain puffs (oat flakes, wheat flakes, organic cane sugar (0,8 g per 1 scoop), rapeseed oil, coconut), shredded coconut (for co-conut flavor), chocolate curls (sucrose (0,9 g in 1 scoop), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), flavor) (for chocolate flavor), lyofilized pineapple (for pineapple flavor), lyofilized blueberries (for blueberry flavor), lyofilized mango (for  mango  flavor),  lyofilized  raspberries  (for  raspberry  flavor),  lyofilized  strawberries  (for  strawberry  flavor),  lyofilizedapples (for apple & cinnamon flavor), lyofilized bananas (for banana flavor), protein balls (whey protein isolate, rice (1:1),soy lecithin (emulsifier)), dried bananas (for banana flavor), citric acid (acidity regulator) (for pineapple and raspberry flavors), flavor, vanilla seeds (for vanilla flavor), inulin, beta carotene (natural colorant) (for pineapple, banana and vanilla flavors), ground cinnamon (for apple & cinnamon flavor), sucralose (sweetener), sunflower lecithin (emulsifier).

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