Luboš Chládek

Name: Tomáš Kašpar
Date of birth: 7.9.1978
When are You training since: since 17 years, since 2003 till 2012 I did not compete
Why did You begin to train: I began to exercise in Jaroměř when I
was 17. I wanted to have big muscles as Arnold. Afterwards I came
to Body Fit Klub headed by ing. Jan Smejkal in Hradec Králové.
Many competitors including member of Czech National Team Julius
Šafr were there. This environment influenced me much. I became
fond of bodybuilding and I decided to prepare for my first
junior competition.
Favourite exercise: squats
Top 5 supplements: BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets, Go Pro 30
, Beef Amino Hydro, Hellnox, CFM INSTANT WHEY 80

Top sports results:
2016 - IFBB Nordic Pro - 4th place
2017 - IFBB Pro Arnold Classic South Africa - 5th place
2018 - Elite Pro Brazil - 1st place
2018 - Elite Pro Malta - 1st place
2018 - Elite Pro South Africa - 1st place

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