Jan Turek

Name: Jan Turek
Date of birth: 15. 3. 1990
When are You training since: I have been training since 2006
Why did You begin to train: My friends at high school brought me to bodybuilding. They took me to the gym and showed me the basics of training. It immediately caught me, and I wanted to give it 100 % from the beginning. After 2 years I wanted to take part in competition, but at that time there were not as many coaches as today. In Nový Jičín, where I grew up, there was practically no one who would prepare me for a bodybuilding competition. So the first time I stood on the podium was in 2012.
Favourite exercise: deadlift and squats, these are the biggest challenge
Top 5 supplements: Hydro Isolate 90, Aminofree & Peptides, Agrezz, Citrulline Pure
Top sports results:
1st place on the Diamond cup Slovakia in category over 100 kg 2016
4th place on the Arnold Classic Elite PRO 2018
1st place on the Elite PRO Prague 2020
1st place on the Czechia PRO 2020
6th place on the EVLS Prague IFBB PRO 2021

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