Karlos „Terminátor“ Vémola

Name: Karlos „Terminátor“ Vémola
Date of birth: 1.7.1985
When are You training since: I had my first professional MMA fight in 2008.
Why did You begin to train: As a six-year-old boy, I started wrestling – my dad led me to a Greco-Roman wrestling, and then I started to like bodybuilding. I actually went to England because of this sport. It wasn't until later that I started doing MMA.
Top 5 supplements: BCAA Instant 2:1:1, Gluta Pure, Carnifresh®, Agrezz®, Imun Vita Shock!
Top sports results: He was the first Czech who joined the prestigious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2010. He holds several Middleweight and Light Heavyweight MMA titles in both English and Czech organizations.

Radek Lonc Tomáš Tabačiar