Vlastimil Kužel

Name: Vlastimil Kužel
Date of birth: 15. 10. 1977
When are You training since: I have been exercising since my 14 years
Why did You begin to train: I wanted to be „big“, I was inspired by film stars
as f.e. Schwarzenegger or Stallone
Favourite exercise: bench-press
Top 5 supplements: Actinox, AminoFree peptides, Hellgel, Beef Amino
Go Pro 30
Top 5 sports results:
1st place on WPC World Championship 2015 in Portugal
1st place on GPC World Championship 2016 in Serbia
1st place on WUAP World Championship 2016 in Germany
1st place on GPA European Championship 2016 in Croatia
Holder of world records GPA and GPC, 5 times winner of Czech National Championship
7x World Champion in bench press in category up to 110 kg

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