The idea to found a company with its own development, production and distribution of sports nutrition arose in the year 2007. Its realization began a year later. The company was authentic since its very beginning. Extrifit® is today original and stable brand on the European market.

Extrifit® is a leader

ON THE FIELD OF SPORTS NUTRITION INTENDED FOR BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC IT IS VERY SUCCESSFUL AND PROSPERING COMPANY WITH continuous SALES GROWTH AS WELL AS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC AS ABROAD. Extrifit®´s authenticity lies in its own product development – it means its own receptures based on the latest supplements research, testing on its own team of top bodybuilders, production in its own facility and unique marketing.

Certificate ISO 22000:2006

The Extrifit Company went through the certification process and it got the certificate ISO 22000:2006. The norm ISO 22000 is internationally authorized and respected standard that specifies requirements laid on organizations to ensure food safety in the whole food chain. Emphasis is put not only on management but also on HACCP principles and on other supporting safety measures as good operating practice, good agricultural practice, good veterinary practice, good hygienic practice, good distribution practice, good sanitary practice and so on. Gaining this certificate is guarantee of safety and quality of Extrifit products for our customers.

Certificate HACCP

The Extrifit Company got the HACCP Certificate – the system of quality management and health safety of foods based on prevention. It provides systematic methods for agricultural and food production processes analysing, identification of all risks, definition of critical control points that are necessary for ensuring of quality and safety of all food products and consistent management and control of these critical points. HACCP is based on Codex Alimentarius that was developed by international organizations Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization.

This process begins with homogenization

in the huge horizontal turbo homogenizator, follows automatic process of filling, putting scoops, putting and fixing lids – all of these is controlled by computer, this technology is fully automatic. Then we mark the products with identification code, follows sleeving and in the end palletisation. Only two persons control the whole this process. We are able to produce thanks to this digital technology 900 pcs of big boxes ready for expedition during one working day (8 hours). Such a production performance is absolutely unique on the field of such a kind of production.

A full truck with 30 palettes

(it means 1000 pieces) of ready products leaves our factory every week. We have also technology for gel and wet concentrates production and we are absolutely self-sufficient on this field. This production is placed in our own buildings from weighting, mixing, filling, packaging to palletisation. Having this facility was our dream since the beginning of our company existence.

We invested in the new building

with the new production, administrative and stock spaces and also in the new modern technologies in the year 2014. Now we have fully self-sufficient production and technological base for dry, wet and gel production. We set off unique, absolutely automatic technological line for dry concentrates (proteins, gainers) production before the end of the year 2014. We extended this technology in 2016 year so we can offer one of our bestsellers fitness meals to our customers.

Thanks to our enthusiasm, unbelievable diligence

of company management and excellent team of our workers in research, production, marketing and distribution departments is Extrifit®very favourite sports nutrition brand between wide spectrum of costumers on the field of fitness and bodybuilding not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole Europe and beyond the borders of the European Union too. And we would like to give thanks for all of these to you – all our fans and customers!