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L-citrulline is non-essential amino acid which participates in the urea cycle as well as in bodybuilding well-known L-arginine and L-ornithine. Citrulline is contained in some foods (such as watermelon, from which its name was derived), but not in an amount that would have the same effect as when you supply it to the body in the form of food supplements!

L-citrulline is in bodybuilding known especially as nitric oxide production stimulant thanks to which you will reach better blood flow to muscles during your training. Thanks to better blood flow, you then feel better muscle pump, which is of course also related to a better supply of nutrients to the muscle! And it plays a very important role in muscle growth! In addition, better blood flow to the muscle and, as a result, a higher supply of nutrients to the muscle can make its regeneration more efficient, which is important not only for bodybuilding, but also for other sports.

The effect of arginine and citrulline is often compared (citrulline is a precursor of arginine) and some experts are in favor of higher efficiency of citrulline use. They argue, among other things, that citrulline reduces more slowly in the body, thereby increasing the level of arginine in the blood over a longer period of time. An important argument is also that while arginine occurs more and in higher amount naturally in foods and it is possible to ensure its higher intake through a targeted diet, citrulline not and only dietary supplements are possible.

We offer you natural variant – 100% pure free form L-citrulline without any other ingredients, and flavored fruit variants.

100 % L-citrulline is a guarantee of maximum purity of the active substance in the supplement. You simply cannot have purer L-citrulline in your supplementation plan. Moreover, free form L-citrulline is a completely natural and easily digestible form of a non-essential amino acid for our body.

Extrifit offers you pure citrulline in two products, except bulk powder you can also try the pure citrulline in the product CITRULLINE PURE 1.000 MG / CPS.


Mix 0,5-1 scoop with 100-200 ml of water.


Use 20-30 min before your workout. Daily dose: 0,5 – 1 scoop.



Other ingredients (only for flavored variants): acidity regulator: citric acid, sweetener: sucralose, natural colorant: red beetroot extract (for watermelon flavor), natural colorant: beta carotene (for lemon and orange flavors)

Content of 1 package:

300 g

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