BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets

BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets

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BCAA FREE FORM 1800 MG MEGA TABLETS contain branchedchain amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine in their free form. Each tablet contains 1 800 mg of BCAA! Its use contributes to a growth in muscle mass and to the maintenance of muscle mass during intensive training or reduction diet when risk of its catabolism.

Gluta Pure BCAA 2:1:1 Pure

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About BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets

about product detailed information nutritional value

BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets - 1800 mg in only one tablet! Zero of sugars, zero of fat! Worldwide unique! BCAA for the lowest price!

BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets are branched chain amino acids in their free and purest form that You can get on the market! Every tablet contains 1800 mg (!) of BCAA what is worldwide unique! Plus super bonus: zero of sugars and fat! We reached this purity by the new production technology with minimalization of fillers – 1,5 % (other manufacturers usually use 20 – 40 % of indigestible fillers). Quality of 1800 mg Mega Tablets complies needs of the most demanding athletes. This is the purest source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) for maximum protection of muscle mass against catabolism and for recovery support!

Did You know that branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine a L-isoleucine) make up 33 % of 20 amino acids occuring in muscle? BCAA are not only important energy source but they protect muscle mass against catabolism too and at the same time their increased intake supports faster recovery and reparation of the muscles after hard training and this way it supports muscle mass growth!

Right BCAA ratio: 2:1:1:

Our product BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets contains twice more of L-leucine (900 mg) than L-isoleucine and L-valine (450 mg). Leucine is considered to be the most important of BCAA for processes in the muscles occuring during and after the training. But it is necessary to take in all of these three BCAA. The ratio 2:1:1 meets the physiological need of BCAA and has the best effect. If You use higher doses of L-leucine it could not be better utilized because Rubner´s law of limit amino acid is valid (amino acids from food utilization depends on in minimal amount contained amino acid) and also Wolf´s law regarding amino acids surplus is valid (intake of whichever amino acid in too high amount disrupt metabolism of other amino acids and increases signs of limit amino acid). The ratio of 2:1:1 is so the most suitable.

When to use BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets:

For all hard training athletes who are trying to gain maximum muscle mass or to reduce body fat. BCCA protects muscle mass against catabolism during hard training and after that and supports faster growth of new muscle mass. Use it before Your training, as well as during or after that.


Vojtěch Koritenský (IFBB PRO):

"This new BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets are really great! I used it during my pre-contest training and even if I was on really strong diet I didn´t burnt even gram of my muscles and I was able to train for my maximum! It is excellent – 1,8 g in one tablet and without any fat or sugars! I didn´t needto swallow so many tablets as before. Only 3 tablets and I intake this way 5400 mg of BCAA. My muscles are so protected against catabolism and are immediately supplied by substances for faster recovery. You can get in shape with this product more easily!“

Suggested use:

  • use 2– 4 tablets daily between meals
  • on training days preferentially before and after exercise
  • as beginners and moderately advanced use 2 tbl of BCAA 1800 mg twice daily between meals
  • as advanced athletes over 80 kg and bodybuilders use 4 tbl BCAA 1800 mg twice daily between meals
  • packaging 150 tbl protects effectivelyYour muscle mass and supports the anabolism in muscles for the time of the whole 38 days
  • packaging 300 tbl for 2 - 4 months


150 tbl, 300 tbl

1 TABLET´S WEIGHT: 1 841 g


L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine

Other ingredients: anticaking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate)

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    BCAA 1800 mg Mega Tablets