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CARNITHERM® contains especially designed complex of active substances for effective weight management and fat metabolism (fat burning).

This effect is given by these ingredients:

  • L-carnitine 1000 mg
  • Synephrine 20 mg
  • Yerba mate extract 100 mg
  • Chromium 200 mcg

How these substances contained in our product effect?

Citrus aurantium extract with synephrine content 95 % supports fat metabolism and is effective in weight management. Daily dose of CARNITHERM® contains maximum permitted daily dose of synephrine 20 mg!

Yerba mate extract is substance effective in weight management, supports fat metabolism and decreases fatigue, what is important effect especially for persons under very intensive weight loss program. Yerba mate extract also supports excretion of water from the body. Water retention is important problem in many women and its solution can play significant role in trying to shape the body.

Chromium is ingredient that is traditionally used and proven in such a kind of products – it contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to normal glycaemia maintaining. This effect is desired especially in women who are more prone to higher glycaemia fluctuation and to stronger sweat taste subsequently.

One dose (1 scoop 50 ml) contains strong dose of active substances: 1000 mg of carnitine base, 100 mg of yerba mate extract, 20 mg of synephrine and 200 mcg of chromium (source chromium picolinate).

We chose the liquid form of this product for good digestion, absorption and quick onset of action.

All flavours have pleasant taste of fruit tea. We offer you CARNITHERM® in three flavours:

  • apricot ice tea
  • peach ice tea
  • lemon ice tea.

We take it for granted that every dose of product CARNITHERM® contains zero fat and sugars.

One package of CARNITHERM® 1000 ml contains twenty daily doses! Use it 30 min before your workout on training-day, in the morning or in the evening on non-training day, always on an empty stomach.

This product is suitable for every woman! Non only for intensely sporting women.

EVERY WOMEN cares about her physique. EVERY WOMEN wants to shape her body and reduce body fat. You reach the optimum effect of this product if you combine its usage with suitably designed fitness exercise and diet.


daily dose = 1 scoop (50 ml). Use 30 min before your workout, or in the morning or in the evening, always on empty stomach.


L-carnitine base, yerba mate extract, Citrus aurantium extract (synephrine content 95%), chromium picolinate

Other ingredients: water, acidity regulator: citric acid, flavour, stabilizers: xanthan and guar gum, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, sweetener: sucralose

Content of 1 package:

1000 ml

Servings per container:


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