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Why should be fat burner for women different from fat burner for men? There are many reasons! And they are important!

Women differ from men not only in anatomical and hormonal differences but also their metabolism is different in many details. It is important besides other things that women are sensitive to glycaemia changes therefore they often have a sweet tooth and it is more difficult to resist sweets consumption for them! Just this we took into consideration designing this product´s formula and we chose especially active substances that contributes to blood glucose level stabilization!

We designed FAT BURNER WOMEN LINE so that it meets needs of women, as well as athletes as all women who are care about their physiques. You can use FAT BURNER from the product line WOMEN LINE as well as you regularly exercise as if not. Naturally regular exercise together with proper diet and using our product will bring you bigger and faster effect!

FAT BURNER WOMEN LINE contains wide complex of substances intended for fat burning. This is combination of herbal extracts, caffeine, mineral chromium and some other active substances.

This product also decreases fatigue except for fat burning support. Some herbal extracts in this product work as antioxidants and support function of cardiovascular, hormonal and immune system – see list of their effects below.

All these effects are important for women, all the more if they are training hard and are under strong diet at the same time!

What are effects of the most important active substances in FAT BURNER WOMEN LINE?

  • green tea extract (natural caffeine content 30 %) – supports fat metabolism and is effective in weight management, supports vessel elasticity and normal cholesterol level, contributes to normal glycaemia maintaining, is effective antioxidant and improves mental state including better concentration and learning;
  • white willow bark extract (salicin content 50 %) – vitalizes, supports hormonal balance, contributes to normal muscle and joint function;
  • guarana extract (natural caffeine content 10 %) – supports immune system function, reduces feelings of tiredness, improves physical and mental vitality, is effective in weight management and supports fat metabolism;
  • ginger root extract (gingerols content 5 %) – contributes to normal glycaemia maintaining, acts as antioxidant, supports cardiovascular system function and immune system function, reduces feelings of tiredness and vitalizes, supports muscle function;
  • chromium picolinate – chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to maintenance of normal blood glucose concentration;
  • caffeine – it is stimulant that helps to increase alertness, to improve concentration and contributes to an increase in endurance capacity.

Combination of all active substances ‘effect of the product FAT BURNER WOMEN LINE means synergic effect – fat burning.

Advantage of FAT BURNER WOMEN LINE is its capsule form. Thanks to this it is excellently digestible.  Capsules do not contain any hardly digestible fillers as tablets by some other producers. Capsule form is optimal because you need the active substances to get into blood system fast to be able to take effect at the right moment!

Our capsule is printed by EXTRIFIT® logo. Colorant of printing is natural! We produce FAT BURNER WOMEN LINE in our own manufacturing facility Extrifit in the Czech Republic, and we guarantee its quality!


Use 2 capsules daily - 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Use together with meals. Wash down with 2 dcl of water. Use minimally 4 hours before bedtime.


Garcinia Cambogia extract (HCA 50 %), green tea extract (caffeine content 30 %), caffeine anhydrous, white willow bark extract (salicin content 50 %), guarana extract (caffeine content 10 %), green coffee extract (caffeine content 10 %), Cayenne pepper, ginger root extract (gingerols content 5 %), chromium picolinate

Other ingredients: capsule (gelatine, mineral colorant: red iron oxide, natural glazing agent: shellac), anticaking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate)

Content of 1 package: 

100 capsules

Daily dose:

2 capsules

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