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Maltodextrine is a polycarbohydrate derived from grain. Itis made from wheat starch by partial enzymatic hydrolysis. Itis created by uniting of five glucose molecules (glucose is monocarbohydrate that is main energy source for our body). The advantage of this uniting is more gradual glucose release. Maltodextrine is gradually broken down in human intestine into glucose molecules. These are fluently absorbed then and ensure stable glycaemia rising. Fast glycaemia changes as result of higher amount of simple sugar intake cause alternation of hunger and fullness feelings. This way of energy supply is not good for athletes. Uniting of a few glucose molecules into short chain of maltodextrine is much better. You can use it before the exercise, during and after the training.

  • it is not sweet
  • it is immediately soluble thanks to aglomerization
  • it is excellent source of carbohydrates for athletes and for physically active adults

Extrifit® Maltox 100 does not come from China. Wheat (ingredient used for maltodextrine production) is of EU countries origin.

Suggested use:

  • depends on bodyweight, sports activity and diet
  • adults: use maltodextrine according to your needs up to 3x daily, maximally 90 g daily, one dose not more than 50 g
  • mix 1 dose (30 g = 4 level spoons) with 200 ml water, juice or protein drink
  • also you can mix with cottage cheese, yoghurt, oatmeal etc.


  • 1500 g


100 % maltodextrine

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    Maltox 100