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  • Protein-carb pancake from healthy natural ingredients
  • Buckwheat, rice, oats
  • Inulin from chicory root
  • Whey protein 80%
  • 10 g of protein and 1900 mg of BCAA in every pancake
  • 24-27 g of complex carbs with low glycaemic index
  • Only 1-3 g of simple sugars

Extrifit® brings you the absolutely new product line! It is about special products intended for perfectly delicious and nutritionally valuable foods´preparation designed even for the most demanding athletes!

You can find also pancakes between these novelties that we offer in two variants: protein-carb pancakes with 20% protein content and protein pancakes with 50% protein pancake.

Protein-carb pancakes Extrifit® Pancake 20% are real protein meal that can perfectly fill you up and you can simply cook it at your home.

Protein shakes are great, there is no doubt that they support muscle growth but you can be early hungry after their consumption and have a fancy for something else. They cannot perfectly fill you up, especially in cutting diet. Protein-carb pancake 20% is solution. You will really do the cooking. No food replacer but real and diet meal and pleasant but not exacting cooking. The excellent nutritional values and great taste of pancakes.

Our protein-carb pancakes are ideal solution when you need to supply your body with combination of quality protein and quality complex carbs. They have amazing composition and perfect nutrient content! Combination of buckwheat, oat, rice and whey 80% protein concentrate makes up fully-fledged food with ideal protein and carbs content! These ingredients are enriched with inulin from chicory root.

Natural ingredients:


Buckwheat is nutritionally very highly-valued food (it is not cereal as many people believe). It is annual plant related to knotweed. It does not contain any gluten that´s why it is recently still more popular. It is excellent source of complex carbs; it contains about ten percent of protein and small amount of fat and it has also high content of vitamins, minerals and rutin that supports vitamin C absorption and supports vessel quality. The buckwheat contributes also to the good functioning of digestive system.


Inulin (fibre) is used by some plants as a means of storing energy. It is the most often made from chicory root and is used in the form of white power. It is indigestible oligosaccharide so it contains no energy. It goes to the large intestine where it becomes to be nutrients ‘ source for intestinal bacterial microflora that is very important not only for the right intestinal function. Inulin is recently very trendy in nutrition and is often added to functional foods.


Oat, the most often in the form of oat flakes, is already conventional ingredient in functional and sports nutrition for its excellent nutritional characteristic. It has the highest content of protein between all cereals, it is source of quality polysaccharides and it has also high content of fibre, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is recommended against fatigue and tiredness thanks to high content of B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium and other valued substances supporting recovery. It also supports nervous system functioning.


The rice is besides oat, wheat and rye the most important cereal. It contains small amount of protein (but with very quality amino acid spectrum) and it is mainly a source of complex carbs that is very popular in sports and in bodybuilding. It has excellent digestibility, it does not contain any fat and gluten and it is said that it has positive effect on various digestive problems and intestinal diseases thanks to its slime effect.

The ingredients used in Pancake 20% in their most natural form provide the high nutritional value of this product. Every dose contains fully 10 g of protein and more than 1900 mg of BCAA! As you can see, we did not choose for our Pancake 20% any second-rate ingredients but the best possible whey protein WPC 80!

This product excels at delicious taste, ideal nutritional values and very easy preparation. And moreover it does not contain any useless additives! We chose sucralose as sweetener in ideal amount for deliciously sweet but not excessively sweet taste of pancakes.

The protein-carb pancake with banana with chocolate pieces flavor contains curls of pure and quality chocolate and dried bananas. Coconut with chocolate pieces flavor contains curls of pure and quality chocolate and 100% natural coconut. Did scare you the word “chocolate”? It is unnecessarily! It is very quality chocolate so the total added sugar content –sucrose is 1,7 g per one packet! Choose apple and cinnamon flavor if you want the product absolutely without any added sugar. Protein-carb pancake with apple and cinnamon flavor contains lyofilized apples and natural cinnamon and does not contain any added sugar.

Lyofylized dried fruit contained in Pancake 20% is trendy recently. It is vacuum sealed frozen fruits. Thank to this technology all vitamins, natural taste and colours are preserved that´s why it is nutritionally so highly valued.

Pancakes 20%:

  • Are packed in disposable packets!
  • 1 packet = 1 dose
  • You need not to weight or measure, all is in one packet
  • No big containers with only one flavor – You can change the flavors
  • You prepare 2-4 pancakes from every packet
  • Pour the packet into 100 of water, mix, pour on the frying pan and fry. It is ready!
  • You exactly know nutritional values of every packet.

This product is suitable for all athletes but not only for them, it is suitable also for all persons trying to eat in healthy and functional way!

Pancakes have easy and very practical preparation. Keep directions for preparation for ideal result!


Mix content of packet in 100 ml of water and fry (2-4 pancakes) on preheated teflon or titanium frying pan, greased with thin layer of oil (the best is olive oil). Time of preparation is 3-4 min from one side and ca. 1 minute from the other side. You can make 2-4 pancakes from the content of one packet.


50 g


Banana with chocolate pieces

ground oat, oat flakes, whey 80% protein concentrate, chocolate curls (sucrose (1,7 g per 1 packet), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), flavor), dried egg yolk, ground rice, dried bananas, dried egg white, ground buckwheat, inulin

Other ingredients: flavor, sucralose (sweetener), sunflower lecithin (emulsifier)

Apple and cinnamon

ground oat, oat flakes, whey 80% protein concentrate, dried egg yolk, ground buckwheat, ground rice, dried egg white, lyofilized apples, inulin, ground cinnamon

Other ingredients: flavor, sucralose (sweetener), sunflower lecithin (emulsifier)

Coconut with chocolate pieces

ground oat, oat flakes, whey 80% protein concentrate, chocolate curls (sucrose (1,7 g per 1 packet), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), flavor), shredded coconut, dried egg yolk, ground rice, dried egg white, ground buckwheat, inulin

Other ingredients: flavor, sucralose (sweetener), sunflower lecithin (emulsifier)

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