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The positive effects of this herb have been known since antiquity. Recently, it is a frequent ingredient not only in food supplements for athletes, but also in products that support male hormonal activity and potency.

Thanks to a wide range of effects, and especially due to the effect on hormonal activity, muscle tone and support of vitality, Tribulus Terrestris is used by athletes, especially strength athletes, including bodybuilders!

Overview of the effects of Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract on the human body:

  • supports genital function and hormonal activity
  • supports muscle tone
  • supports immune system function
  • acts as energizer
  • contributes to normal cardiovascular system functioning
  • contributes to normal nervous system functioning
  • contributes to normal respiratory system functioning
  • contributes to normal urinary function
  • contributes to normal blood coagulation.

EXTRIFIT Tribulus 90% is in capsules which ensure good digestion and absorption and do not contain any excess additives. Each capsule contains 500 mg of Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract!

Each capsule is printed with the EXTRIFIT® logo. Capsule printing is mineral, natural.


Use 1 – 2 cps daily depending on your body weight and intensity of your training. Drink down with plenty of water.


Tribulus Terrestris extract (fruits) with 90% saponin content

Other ingredients:  capsule (gelatine, mineral colorant: red iron oxide, natural glazing agent: shellac), anticaking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate)

Content of 1 package:

100 capsules

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    TRIBULUS 90%