OMEGA 3-6-9 - 1000 MG CAPS EXTRIFIT® OMEGA 3 - 1000 MG

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About VITA - E 400 IU CAPS

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Vitamin E belongs to vitamins soluble in fat and:

  • is one of the most important antioxidants 
  • significantly contributes to cell protection against oxidative stress
  • has anti-ageing effect
  • has positive effect on reproductive system functioning.

Need of vitamin E in athletes, especially in strength athletes, is higher and its supplementation is recommended.

How to use vitamIn E:

Use 1 cps daily.

Ingredients and active ingredients content per 1 CPS:

d-alfa-tokopherol 294 mg (vitamin E of the natural origin, 2450% RDI)

Other ingredients (in descending order): sunflower oil (carrier), softgel capsule (gelatine, glycerin (moisturizer), purified water)


100 cps

Servings per container: 


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    VITA - E 400 IU CAPS