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Are you a lover of peanut and nut creams? Then our PEANUT ZERO product is exactly for you.

PEANUT ZERO is a peanut superfood by EXTRIFIT® Company – the peanut cream that we offer as natural (non-flavored) as in two delicious flavors – chocolate and salted caramel. This product is made really in the factory of Extrifit® Company in the Czech Republic, and from A to Z!


Detailed information


about product detailed information nutritional value

The advantages of the product PEANUT ZERO:

  • Maximum peanut content – this is most important in such a kind of product!

Look at the composition of similar products on the market and compare the content of peanuts (if the content is given at all). Peanut content is maximum in PEANUT ZERO! It is 100 % for variant natural, 95-98 % for flavored variants according to concrete flavor!

  • Peanut kernels contained in PEANUT ZERO are roasted with dry air, without the use of oil!
  • You can not find any undesirable ingredients in the composition of PEANUT ZERO, which are often added to similar products only to modify their taste, but at the same time reduce their nutritional value. These are ingredients such as cocoa butter, animal fats, sugar, whole milk powder, caramelized sugar, soy lecithin or dried whey, you will not find them in our product!
  • PEANUT ZERO is absolutely without any added sugar! Pleasantly sweet taste is achieved by using a small amount of modern and popular sucralose.
  • PEANUT ZERO has a really delicious taste! We do not use any mixtures with sugar and fat in the product.
  • PEANUT ZERO is filled into a transparent glass so you can see what your cream looks like


  • spread the healthy delicacy PEANUT ZERO on the rice cake for the breakfast or snack
  • add to the fruits one spoon of PEANUT ZERO, you can decrease so glycaemic load of this snack and improve its nutritional value. Also you postpone hunger feeling and prevent the fast fluctuation of glycaemia
  • You can spread thin layer of PEANUT ZERO on our pancakes PROTEIN PANCAKE 20% and PROTEIN PANCAKE 50%, or you can simply take a few teaspoons if you feel like having something exceptional but healthy.


The whole production process of the nut creams is going directly in our production area Extrifit® on our absolutely new and unique nut technology! We can control so every step of production and continuously guard quality of our nut cream.  This is the great bonus in comparison with the other brands that are produced externally, are practically all the same and more or less other labels stick to them.

We in Extrifit do it this way:

  • Complete development of the product, choice of ingredients and production – we do everything ourselves
  • We ground the nuts in our stainless steel mill; we can regulate softness of the cream
  • Ground fine cream goes to special duplicator with adjustable temperature
  • We crush the kernels in our nut crusher to desired size
  • In the duplicator, we gently mix, for example, protein or crushed pieces of nut kernels
  • We homogenize the nut mixture in stable and suitable temperature
  • Pumps suck the cream into the glasses
  • The electromechanical feeder places the lid and closes the glass
  • Tunnel with hot air seals the glass with the original Extrifit sleeve
  • The sleeve is pulled over the lid, which eliminates the entry of air, and thanks to that, you know that you are the first to open the product!
  • The whole process goes in closed technology without any contact of product with human hand!


Natural (non-flavored):

roasted peanut kernels 100 %

Chocolate flavor:

roasted peanut kernels 95 %, SMOOTH COCOA blend 5,0 % (non-fat cocoa, sweetener: sucralose)

Salted caramel flavor:

roasted peanut kernels 97,6 %, TASTY SALTED CARAMEL blend 2,4 % (flavor, table salt, sweetener: sucralose)

Weight of package contents:

250 g

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